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How President Trump Became TEFLON Don? 3688

How President Trump Became TEFLON Don? Latinos 4 Trump LatinosForTrump This isn't normal! Many Americans, as well as people, around the world, have witnessed, what is going on, these past two, and a half years, and determined, whether they support or oppose, President Trump, he has certainly performed the duties and responsibilities of the most important, sensitive position, in the world, far differently, that those, who proceeded him! Whether he has been guilty of everything, or, even, some of the things, he's been accused of, there is little doubt, in the past, others would have had many challenges to their authority! In fact, in many ways, it seems, things don't stick, to him, and, therefore, the nickname, of, TEFLON Don, might be an appropriate one. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents. 1. Tensions; takes advantage; trends; time - tested; timely: While the potential scandals, concern many, perhaps, the inattention, in the areas of environmental protections, and, Climate Change, may be, the most concerning! Since many experts, proclaim, the clock, is ticking, in terms of addressing relevant, sustainable challenges, Mr. Trump, has denied Climate Change, and, weakened many environmental protections, etc. He seems to be driven by chaos, and, consistently, takes advantage of polarizing scenarios, which take advantage, of diverting attention, and his aggressive rhetoric, etc! He seems unprepared, and focuses, on his slogan, Make America Great Again, instead of prioritizing, well - considered, timely actions! If others performed, this way, there would be an uproar, yet President Trump's core supporters, often, appear, to have drank the Kool - Aid! 2. Efforts; energize: Although, we've always expected, our political leaders, serve and represent, all the people, Trump's efforts seem, focused, on appealing to his core supporters, and energizing them, for his personal/ political advantage, and self - interest! 3. Fight; friction; fears/ fright: We are witnessing opposition leadership, with an emphasis with enticing others, to fight, with each other, creating friction, and appealing to their fears, and baser interests! It's not normal, when a President emphasizes frightening others, instead of appealing to common good! 4. Listen; learning: The present leader of the free world, effectively listens, to all sides, instead of, merely, those, who agree with him! Our current occupant of the White House, often appears, unprepared, and, even, unwilling to devote themselves, to relevant learning! 5. Organized; options; orders: Chaotic leadership, is, often, opposed to well - considered, emphasis! We need a leader, who is organized, prepared, and willing to consider various options and alternatives! We don't live in a dictatorship, and, our President, does not have the right, to give orders, and expect, others, to, automatically, blindly, follow! 6. Needs: Whose needs, someone serves, is, certainly, different, today, than ever, before! Even if you oppose, the current President, it makes sense, to consider, what, TEFLON Don, creates, causes, and produces! Don't under - estimate him, and realize, he's not as crazy, as you may believe, but, perhaps, sly, as a fox! References Donald Trump
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