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One of the most relevant criteria to be promoted is to win people's trust. 4019

One of the most relevant criteria to be promoted is to win people's trust. Trust is the foundation of relationships within a company. Leaders and team members need to establish a relationship of trust for the work to flow. With that in mind, today's video will cover the 3 daily practices that will help you become a person that people trust, earning respect from your leaders and peers and increasing your chances of winning a promotion! The foundation: Self-confidence The three pillars that we will see here will sustain people's confidence in you, forming a solid structure that can last for years and guarantee better relationships in your personal and professional life. produtividade Before addressing these pillars, we need to ensure that the land below them will withstand construction, and we will do this by developing a good foundation: self-confidence. Being confident is a trait that everyone is looking for, everyone wants to create friendships, professional connections, loving relationships, with people who inspire confidence in everything they do. 1. Authenticity 2. Clarity of Reasoning 3. Empathy - Trust builds trust Conclusion Generating confidence in the work environment is one of the most important skills to win a promotion. But you won't be able to do that if you don't have confidence in yourself. The good news is that it is possible to develop this skill and others that will bring you closer to an increase. sejapromovido So remember: � 1- Demonstrate what you think - always paying attention to how you present your ideas; � 2 - Present your ideas in a clear, logical and direct way - remember to use the intelligent communication presented in this article; � 3 - Be empathetic. Truly put yourself in the shoes of others What is your opinion on the matter? Tell me here in the comments!
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