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Why We Started Our Own YouTube Channel 4727

Why We Started Our Own YouTube Channel Why did we start our own YouTube channel? Or family had just finished a 10-year business project in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. This was one of our dreams that we had made into our reality. But this business had taken all of our time and energy without giving us the time that we needed to be a family and enjoy one of our main passions which is traveling as a family. So when we finished that project, we decided to go in a different direction. So I, Khalil, decided to start a family YouTube channel. Why did I think that YouTube was a good fit for us? Well, I wanted to teach our son, Makai, what it is like to take our ideas and make them a reality and build a business from the ground up. And I have had a passion for creating videos and music and all of the things that goes into making YouTube videos so it seemed like a great direction for our next family project. Why Makai's World? why we started our own youtube channel So much of our energy and focus with our previous businesses did not leave very much time for family events or travel, so starting a project called Makai's World would ensure that the focus remained on our son, Makai. And this also gives him a sense of ownership of this project which will hopefully translate into a stronger desire to be involved with the project in the future. So our goal is to work together as a family to build this Makai's World project and use YouTube as our platform to reach out to the world and share one of our main passions... TRAVEL. So if you are looking to start your own YouTube channel or just want to see how it works for us, please subscribe and follow our journey!
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