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Top Seven Life-Saving Firefighter Rescue Tools 2849

Top Seven Life-Saving Firefighter Rescue Tools firefighting Every day, firefighters put their lives on the line for the sake of their fellow citizens. In these high-pressure emergency situations, having the right firefighter rescue tools handy can be instrumental in saving lives. Here's what to look for when choosing quality firefighter rescue tools and personal gear. Firefighter knife: When choosing a firefighter knife, look for special features such as both serrated and smooth blade edges, a seat belt cutter, a window punch and a belt clip. Firefighter knives should also be compact enough to easily carry around but still heavy enough to be effective in emergency situations. feuerwehr Firefighter flashlight: Because firefighters often work in dark, low-visibility situations it is extremely important for them to have a powerful flashlight. A firefighter flashlight of high quality should include a high intensity halogen or LED bulb, an adjustable beam that can be used for spot or flood focus, a heavy-duty outer casing, and a comfortable grip. Firefighter gloves: Firefighters use their hands constantly, so it makes sense that they should have specialized gloves. High quality, cut-resistant material such as Kevlar distinguishes a good pair of firefighter extrication gloves. The cuffs should have strong elastic to keep the gloves on and to keep out harmful materials, like glass. It is also helpful to have extra padding on the knuckles and reflective material on various parts of the glove. Seatbelt cutter: Seatbelt cutters are one of the most essential firefighter rescue tools. They help firefighters quickly remove car crash victims. Firefighter seatbelt cutters should feature a solid stainless steel blade and a high impact outer casing. Adjustable Window Punch: Window punches helps firefighters quickly and safely shatter tempered glass. A high quality window punch should feature an easy-to-grip handle, a stainless steel body, a hardened steel point, and an adjustable handle to allow for light or heavy punching. Emergency first response bag: Firefighters are often the first on the scene of an accident, so it's important for them to have a reliable bag containing rescue tools and first aid supplies. A hammer, a window punch, rescue shears, a seat belt cutter, a strong penlight, and a finger ring cutter are a good collection of firefighter rescue tools to include in a first response bag. The bag should also have plenty of space to store first aid supplies. Emergency light baton: Finally, no firefighter should be without a high quality LED light baton. Any good firefighter light baton should be visible at up to one mile away. It's preferable to have a variety of settings, such as a solid flashlight beam, a flashing signal light and a steady flood light. Expect an emergency baton to run on two or three AA batteries, with a battery life of at least 80 hours. You may not be able to help others the way a firefighter does, but you can certainly show your appreciation by supplying a firefighter with the essential tools he or she needs to do the job effectively.
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